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It all started about 2 years ago when it was a demand for Tokyo's wigs and services, when Tokyo was 15/16 years old & the name Tokyo comes from a dance group Tokyo use to be apart of with his best friend Japan. When Tokyo moved to Atlanta he continued to do hair to make money and added "Stylez" so that is how the full name came about. Tokyo is located in Washington, DC but due to traveling most of his time is spent in New York, Los Angeles, & Atlanta.  

InTouch With Tokyo

How do costumers feel after they are Touched by Tokyo?

I would hope they feel amazing. Believe it or not but I never really had any complaints about my service. I’ve had a pretty good track record so far.

How many clients do you usually have in a month?

I do mostly wigs now because it seems that’s where the industry has turned to. I do anywhere from 80 to 100 wigs a week.

Do you have a favorite wig? If so, which one? 

HAHA I will let you guys pick one because all my wigs are my baby’s. I really can’t pick a wig that I honestly loved over another. 

Who are some of the people that you have been honored to work with in the past?

Naomi Campbell is one, I have also worked with Rihanna, Tamar Braxton, Teyana Taylor, K. Michelle, OMG Girlz, Tiny Harris, Gabrielle Union, Keyshia Cole, Porsha Williams just to name a few.

How is it working with Teyana Taylor?

T is cool we are really like family so it’s not hard working with her at all. We get along and understand each other so its never a problem.

Are all of Teyana Taylor’s hairstyles done by you?

No I started working with her during the beginning of her VII album so we did some new things and recreated some classic looks she had done before.

Do you work at a hair salon or are you a traveling hairstylist?

I’m mainly a traveling hairstylist I don’t work out of anyone’s salon but stayed tuned because you might see one of my own very soon.

What makes a good wig in your opinion?

One that is sturdy has a lot of versatility and the quality of hair has to be unmatched.

How long does it usually take you to create one of your wigs?

Not very long at all it really only depends on how I feel if I’m tired it could take all day, If I’m feeling good early no longer then probably 2 hours.

Do you use the same kind of hair for each wig? If so, what kind or is that a secret?

I’m a fan of bella dream hair but it all depends on what the client goes for. Once I know what they want I work with different vendors to achieve that look.

When it comes to pricing for wigs, what is your price range?

Anywhere from $650 all the way up to thousands all depends again on what the customer really wants.

With you always traveling and being on the go, is it hard to maintain a social life?

Not at all. I work hard but I play hard as well and I always make it a point to enjoy myself in life or I will go crazy.

Are you involved romantically with anyone?

Yes I have someone.

Have your friends helped you along the way or was this an individual project?

I have a team that shares my same interest and ambition so it’s not hard when we all brainstorm to figure out what’s the next avenue for me. 

How long did it take you to get Touched By Tokyo where it is today?

About 3 years since we started the Touched by Tokyo movement. Now I see people all over doing a touched by something which is so cool to see I started a trend. I hope I can start many more in my career.

Do you have any advice to give hair stylists that look up to you and want to achieve the same amount of success as you?

Stay true to who you are and products you produce. People are always quick to tell you who and what you need to be such as when people said I would never become anything more than a kitchen stylist. I let my work speak for itself with a little help of social media and I’ve never looked back.

If you can describe Touched By Tokyo with one word, what word would you choose?

You can’t describe in just one word LOL ;) 

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