I have the opportunity of personally knowing someone that has amazing t-shirt designs. He goes by the name of TRENDIBOY , he is truly a natural born creative individual . 

&& His work shows just that , I like to think of it as High Fashion , But Casual .

You can purchase his shirts on 

You can also follow him on Instagram: Trendiboy

Trendiboy Apparel is a popular, uprising brand that launched to the public in 2013. This brand debuted and was featured in Swag On a Million video by a local Chicago rapper. The first shirts were exclusively white and black with T R E N D I B O Y on the bottom back and signature trademark on front. Remaining true to a neutral color scheme with blacks, whites and shades of grey, Trendiboy introduced the Kingdom Series KSXIII. From Croc prints to roses and roman numerals, Trendiboy has launched new designs. Trendiboy Apparel is an art and fashion combination, which introduces designs in a series. As quoted by the creators “There is always art in fashion.” We can only wait to see what else is yet to come from this exploding, creative brand In the near future.

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