Queen VS The Illest

Hello Everyone . 

I have been a personal fan of Leo aka The Illest for awhile now . We have been following each other on social media for a couple of years now . So when I wanted to do a post about inpsiring others to follow their dreams by just being you , I could not think of anyone better to ask than him . He has an extremely big following , 18k to be exact . He is based out of LA and is very well known globally for being a socialite , looking good , his t-shirt line , and over all image .

You Can Follow His Instagram: itheillest 


QueenC: How Did You Become "The Illest" ?

The Illest: "I think of my self as the coolest version of myself. Someone with style, someone with personality, someone with character so what other word to best describe myself other then "the illest" lol shit like 2 Chains said "ill nigga alert" but I took on that nick name long before any song was out. I'm the original."

QueenC: How Did You Even Come Up With The Name? 

The Illest: "The word "Illest" has always been apart of my vocabulary, my friends called me that back in my middle school days when I use to ride a skateboard everyday to school."

QueenC: How Did You Start Your Clothing Line?

The Illest: "With a pencil and a piece of paper and a good friend name Dymond Warren. Hard work and dedication makes a "dollar and a dream" real."

QueenC: How Has Your Life Changed Since You Have Became This Brand?

The Illest: "I've never lived a hard life, I've always been blessed to live life without a struggle or a worry. Now that I'm 21 years old and have made a name for myself I am 100 % completely independent living on my own and supporting myself. It's a great feeling life is amazing I love it and live and live it filter free. Filter free meaning I go through things I'm not perfect I'm human like everyone else. I bleed and cry just like everyone else. I've remain humble through it all and I'm very grateful to have made it where I am now, I hope to only reach higher success."

QueenC: What Advice Would You Give Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

The Illest: "Believe in your self. Sale your self your dream first before you sale it to anyone else, "why do i say that?" Well because if you wouldn't buy it how do you expect anyone else to buy it. Just a little food for thought. When you get knocked down just pray and ask God that you land on your ass, because if you can look up you can get up. Remain focus!"



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