Inside Edition: Mike Tees .

"Hi my name is Mike. I'm from St. Louis, Missouri (314) but I'm currently residing in Atl jawga! (404) I can be found on Instagram at Cantb_LikeMike. I DO NOT have Facebook or Twitter. The name of my brand is MikeTees, featuring the famous slogan #YUSoMadTho I also made shirts, #MikeOrNah at a special request for my supporters featuring my face on the shirt.  My business has been up & running for 8 months now. I started in Jan. 2014. MikeTees can be found at " - Mike . 


Y U So Mad Tho really started in my city St. Louis! Everyone in my city use to go around saying Y U So Mad ? A lot of people also use to say "wadup tho" ? So when you put that together, you get Y U So Mad Tho. I took it to a whole other level && turned it in to something positive! So now today, it's more of a saying towards haters! My supporters & customers always tell me they need a shirt because they have a lot of haters that are mad! So it's like everyone wants a shirt because everyone has haters! When you have a MikeTee, the shirt will speak for itself without you having to even speak & that's what people love the most. People love the slogan because they know that people really be mad out here for whatever reason! So what's a better question to ask them than Y U So Mad Tho, Like for real. Tho. Lol

As of now my business is fairly new, so yes I still mostly mainly sell t-shirts. I actually just released some trucker hats, so we can add that on the list as we'll. The Y U So Mad Tho T-shirt, which is $25, has been SO popular, that that's all I have been focusing on! It's like once I sell out, soon as I turn around more & more people want that shirt. I've had some pretty big names support my movement so it has brought me a great amount of business! But yes, MikeTees is def going to expand i believe && come out with other shirts & slogans as we'll. It's all interesting because I never seen me running a business that would be booming!
Nah, I wouldn't call myself a designer, because i feel like I haven't really designed anything. When I think of a designer, I think of custom made or hand made pieces, or pieces that were actually tough to create. It's not that tough to put a slogan on a t shirt & sell it.
&& yes! Id be more than happy to hook the Queen C up with a MikeTee! 


Personally, I don't know how many tattoos I have! I have a gang of tattoos, that's what I always tell everybody! It wasn't suppose to happen like this, but it just kinda did. I started at 18, when I was finally old enough since my parents wouldn't sign for me because they don't condone in tattoos at all but hey! && every since then I've became addicted. Not to the pain but to the outcome of how they look when there done!
I don't feel like any of my decisions in the past have affected my brand negative or positively. It's all separate. None of my decisions has anything to do with my brand.
Yes I am single! && no I am not looking! I always tell ppl, I don't have time for a boyfriend! The way my life is set up, it won't allow me to date at the moment.

There is A LOT that I would like to do besides sell t-shirts! Hell I didn't know I would even be selling t-shirts! I have SO many ideas that cross thru my head daily, with me being wishy washy & all, & having the mind of a hustler, I wanna do it all! I actually attended college for Communications, television & radio broadcasting! I would like to pursue my dream in that eventually, like having my own radio show, talk show, somewhere hosting something dealing w/ ppl whether it be celebs or not working on some kind of events or affairs! Such as red carpets! I always say tho, I never know what the future holds & will throw my way, but I'm ready to take on whatever opportunity that comes my way! You only live once! Yolo! 

YES! I love exotic dancers && hell all of my friends are exotic dancers lol. Me & all of the ladies I work with have wonderful relationships! You are what you hang around, so each one of my girls are like me and or relate to me in some type of way or form! Hanging around the girls can be tough sometimes b/c girls do have crazy attitudes but over all it's all good! If I was a dancer, idk what my name would be. Lol that's a good question! 

When I'm on set w/ the ladies working, my exact job is styling & assisting! I tell them what to wear, what not to wear, how to wear it. I make sure hair is in place, and everything else that follows. Most importantly they love to have me around b/c I'm all about a good time, and they love my personality! So they know when I'm around it will be lots of laughs & a guaranteed good time! Turn up! #MikeOrNah


Advice I would give to someone who wants to start their own t shirt line, is to never give up, && manage your money wisely! That's about the best advice I have & can give! $$ talks, so it's all about the money & you have to make sure you manage it wisely & don't get caught up. & then to never give up! Keep dreaming & believing b/c anything is possible! 

"Thank you Queen C for the opportunity to be featured on your blog! You keep up the good work & keep inspiring ppl to be themselves! ❤️" - MIKE .

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