Meet Bajon B .

Hey my name is Ba'Jon Braxton ,

I want to start off by saying thank you for taking the time out to interview me. as of now I'm a current party promoter working with Warren Huntley (@whpinc ) who is one of the largest party planners in Atlanta, he does it all from weddings to dinners even corporate events. He is a master of his craft. The other person I promote for; Julius as known as JuJu ( @jujurockk ) he is the CEO of rockstarr and the hosts parties all across the country and especially during Pride, JuJu is the 1st promoter I working with in ATL and I constantly thank him because with his help I was able to brand myself better from city to city.


How did you 1st start party promoting & where do you wanna take it ?  

Well I started at 14 in Philly, I was a model and I modeled at place called 19th and Tioga, at the age if 16 I graduated high school and got my own I started having house parties and they grew larger and larger each time until they got so big I moved them to a hall, then I started renting spaces and would have the craziest parties. Over time it was all about progression and I slowly but surely I became more popular.

How do you feel you became such a huge socialite ?

I don't really consider myself a socialite because that term gets used so loosely, I think my personality and my ambition got me to where I am today, a lot of people get a little bit of popularity and go crazy with it and forget who they were before they gained it. They hold their noses in the air and think they better than the people who gave them the little but of popularly that they have. It's all about being humble because there is always another person dying  to live the life we get to take for granted.

Since you are always in the public, is it hard to maintain a personal life?

Some times it gets in the way but that's why I keep my personal life private, a private life is a happy one. I love my bae and don't have a problem showing him off. But something's aren't for social media "No face No trace".

"This was a sassy ass answer." -QueenC

What made you go into nursing because alot of ppl wanna know what's your other occupation?

Well I actually just finished Nursing school, I work in administration at willow terrace in Germantown hospital, when I was 9 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal Brest Cancer and was given 6 months to live, so I had to grow up really fast, I am my mothers oldest child of 5 so I had a lot of responsibility...I grew up with the modo "I am my brothers keeper" and that's what I live by....after a 9 years of living my mothers doctors had no idea how she was still here the cancer literally spread all threw her body but yet in still she was still here looking beautiful as ever, my mother was a really great model for years she is the reason I travel so much because when I was growing up she was constantly flying all over the world on January 26, 2009 my mom past away at the age of 38 they spring I changed my major from business administration and marketing to Allied health and Science with focus in nursing.

Tell us something about your personality ppl may not know?

I'm actually really shy, however when people see me or when I go out I try my best to exude confidence, but that's just a game face lol; it's so humbling to go city to city and even country to country and have strangers come up and ask to take pictures with me or they say how much they love me. When that happens all I can do is sit back and think, I'm not out here singing my heart out or dancing like there is no tomorrow, hell I can't even draw, however people see me and light up and I love the feeling, I just thank god for all the success he's given me thus far.

What does traveling the world mean to you ?

It's a state of adventure, I'm really a nerd at heart; I'm a history fanatic I love learning about other cultures and civilizations it's so amazing to see how people from all over the world carry themselves and i'm a true believer of if you don't know your past how will you know your  future.

How do you feel about people that buy followers? - Messy C .  

I don't think it's that serious, I would be grateful just having a few hundred because that means a few hundred people saw something  worth following. I think they are social junkies / social climbers. Dying for attention which is crazy to me, I don't think having a K behind  the number of followers you have define who you are or what you are capable of.

Since you are always on the go do you have best friends, or are you just friendly with everyone?

I think I'm friendly with everyone, my best friends don't travel like I do but that doesn't take away from them earning that title I've been friends with them for almost 10yrs so we have a very complex love for each other that will never go away, however throughout my travels, I've met some fantastic people, that I'm so glad I've had the pleasure of meeting. Especially one person Jaimar Bell.

Are you even dating anyone?


How do you manage a Love life moving around so much & being a party promoter ?  

Trust me it makes extremely hard, I just have to be open and we have to have alotttttt of trust.

With all your success do you plan on giving back to your community?

I actually do already after loosing so many family members to cancer including my mom I began supporting a good friend of mine named Tiffany she started a organization allied Kisses  giving things from money, clothes,and getting custom wigs made for women who began loosing the hair from the chemotherapy. I mean it's so hard to hear a mother say she can't afford to pay her electric bill because she receiving  chemo and she had to stop working or to hear something even worse like they have to keep working and refuse to get chemo because they have to literally kill themselves by not getting treatment in order to provide for they family. The name of the organization is KISSESS and can be found on Instagram @_nailahamour & @fukcancerapparel .

What advice do you have for all the other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don't ever give up and don't allow anyone to tell you that your dream is to big or to small, hey look at me I'm just a regular kid from Philly who has been granted an opportunity to see the world one flight at a time. Thanks Again , Queeen Crosswire .

Just A Personal Message From Queen C . 

This interview was the most inspiring one yet. & with the past week hearing from Mike; these two put together just gave me life . I hope you all got what i got out of it , because i'm inspired . to believe in my brand && what i really want to do with myself . && you really can make that happen only if you really want to. just a little food for thought . these are the reasons i do this :) xoxo , queen c . 
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