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Hello, Everyone .. I had the pleasure of getting to know Jeremy Copeland when I visited LA last year. Never did I know he was such a big deal until after I followed him on Instagram. He has an impressive resume. I asked him a couple of questions to get a better understanding of who he is and what he is about! Read below ... 

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If Someone Asked You , Who Is Jeremy Copeland What Would You Say?

Jeremy Copeland is an American Commercial Choreographer, Celebrity Journalist and Published Model. He's just a fun, gay homeboy haha that happens to have a dope career and is addicted to social media haha.

What Do You Have The Biggest Passion For; Modeling, Dancing, or Choreographing/Teaching?

I mean honestly Dance|Choreography is my number one passion it's what I know best ! But I also went to college for fashion and I love it all ! I pour my heart and soul into EVERYTHING that I do! Passion spread across the board!

Do You Feel Like You Have Reached The Top Of Your Career?

I do not think I have reached the top of nothing in my career! I feel like I have got a good head on my shoulders and have broken down barriers for a young, gay, black male. I am soooo proud of myself but trust I got so much more up my sleeve the world will see very soon.

Do You Feel Like Some Of The Decisions You Have Made In The Past Has Affected You In The Present? (Good or Bad)

All of my choices got me to where I am today! Good and Bad ! I would never change anything about me or any choices I have made. I'm human and everything we do helps is grow as people!

What Makes A Good Dancer?

What makes a great dancer ??? Simple " TRAINING "

What Is The Most Important Part Of Networking & How Has Networking Benefited You?

Networking is a huge part of this business! It's the pulse of entertainment! It has helped me ALOT! Lol I was asked to do a charity event in Miami and in my introduction they called me " Social Media Celebrity " which I found hilarious but it's like they way the world has worked the past 2years ! Online presence and networking and getting your name out rules of talent as sad as it may sound it's the nature of the business. GET ON IT and figure out what works for you !!!!

What Advice Do You Have For Anyone That Attempts To Accomplish What You Have So Far?

My advice to anyone trying to get into this business is KNOW THE BUSINESS! Do your research and don't walk in blind because it will kick your ass ! Make shit work for you ! Figure out your lane and know that what may work for others may not work for you and that's ok! And make sure you love it because if you don't you will not last !!

Do You Feel Like Living In California Is An Advantage For What You Want To Do In Life?

OMG living in LA is so amazing! I've been here 7 years and STILL I am amazed at this beautiful place!!! It's cut throat and very hard to live comfortably but it's worth it and creates success stories like no other place in the world !!!! This place is perfect for everything I am trying to accomplish!

If Dancing & Modeling Does Not Work Out, Do You Have A Back Up Plan?

I don't need a back up plan I am a successful / known / respected dancer it had already worked out ! I've been blessed to work with Beyoncé | JLO | Rihanna | Lil Kim | Ne-yo | Brandy and many more !!!! Plan A has worked great ! Success is measured different for different people ! I'm happy !

Do You Think You Would Ever Stop Doing What You Love The Most Right Now, Being Modeling/Dancing?

I can't dance forever but I will continue to teach dance and build my name in the history of dancers / choreographers / instructors that influenced my generation! I will model till my legs fall off and just be a business man and a mogul !!!!!! I WILL have a household name!

J.C.'s Social Media

IG: JeremyCopeland_

Twitter: JeremyiCopeland 


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