Meet Nate L. Tatum

I personally know this gentleman, he's a major part of my life. I am so proud of him & all his success, he is a model && on his way to doing big things. 

Instagram: Nuh.Tae


Nate' L Tatum



Type of Model: 

Fashion Model

How & When Did You Start Modeling: 

In 2011 I started modeling by exploring local open castings & auditioning . It was tough starting off.

Who Is Your Biggest Model Inspiration: 

Ohhh that has to be of course Shaun Ross , he's become a brand & activist by promoting flaws he started his own foundation #INMYSKINIWIN which is really Dope .

Who Do You Model With or For Right Now:

I'm currently working for Blake Martin & a team of models to put together Men's Fashion Week Chicago which its a huge movement for Chicago models .

What Has Been Your Favorite Modeling Gig or Photo shoot:

Umm my favorite photo shoot definitely was posing Nude for the 1st time it was an defining moment in my modeling career I took a huge risk . It was either gonna be a hit or miss I had to test my boundaries .

What Has Been Your Worst Modeling Gig or Photoshoot:

I wouldn't say I had a bad experience rather good or bad I learned from it .

What Has To Be The Most Pressuring Thing About Being A Model: 

Making sure I deliver during every photoshoot while others are watching its so intimidating .

Is Modeling A Lifestyle, Job, or Hobby For You: 

Modeling to me is all 3 your dream job should be your lifestyle job & hobby & modeling is definitely my dream .

What Advice Can You Give Aspiring Models: 

Never stop grinding there's a photographer & designer out here for everybody be consistent make them know your name . Everybody has to start from somewhere .

What Upcoming Shows Are You Apart Of, That We Should Be Looking Forward To: 

Of course be looking out for the summer in Connecticut. A fashion show headlined by Ralph Lauren which I'm most excited about walking in . Just be on the look out this summer .

What Makes You A Model: 

Well to me modeling is being knowledgeable about the business , understanding modeling is an art & being a role model to inspire somebody , this business is tough so delivering in photo shoots & on the runway & personal appearances makes you a model as well . Oh & a great personality helps in my opinion .

If Modeling Doesn't Work Out, What Is Your Back Up Plan: 

Idk I'll figure that out once it doesn't work out. I'm young so I don't wanna burden myself with thoughts of not doing what I love , so I really never sat down & thought about it .

Thanks everybody for supporting me I promise to go harder every time , Nate L. Tatum .

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