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Perrin Johnson , 23 , from NYC/DC started interning for clothing brands soon after high school. this was not easy , going from one brand to the next over a two year span . Perrin Johnson learned a lot in the fashion industry such as working with celebrities & their stylists , learning the ins and outs of the industry , learning what he was good at & finding his place in the fashion industry . Now Perrin Johnson owns an online store that opened this year and his grown a lot quicker than he anticipated . He has built a team of stylists and creative directors from the NYC area that now assist him in making sure that Gloss the label succeeds . 

You can Order from and see their work , customer photos and press via Instagram @glossthelabel ! this way it gives you a better outlook on how gloss the label's merchandise is styled and fitted .  


SoCrosswire: "I have been watching & knowing you for a while now . I have watched Gloss The Label grow so rapidly. What necessary steps did you take to make this happen ?" 

Gloss The Label: "Working for different brands really prepared me to open my store , but more so the Press/Marketing aspect with the brands i worked for . I never saw how companies handled their finances or how the companies interacted with the customers when issues occurred , working in retail while interning really prepared me for the industry . I went with my instinct and I made sure this is what i wanted to do before going for it . i gathered the information i needed & went for it ."

SoCrosswire: "Are you the designer or do you have vendors that provide the clothing ?"

Gloss The Label: "As of now, I do all the women's & men's buying from small showrooms and brands all over . Recently , we got together with an LA designer who's fresh out of school & we are looking into designing more for our customers in 2016 . I study fashion & make sure I'm up to date . I originally did not want my store to be trend based . I wanted to be a store that consisted of staple pieces & items that you can wear year round . i still stay true to that but I think now we are more up to date with trends.

SoCrosswire: "How & when did you break into the fashion industry ?"

Gloss The Label: I broke in right after High school, well during, & went from internship to internship . I never went to college because by the time i was 19 or 18 I had already been working for two years at the time . I knew where i was headed & i felt as though school would of slowed me down . I recommend going for business , yes , but sometimes like you cannot teach style . it's something within , it is the only thing I knew i was good at .

SoCrosswire: "How long ago did you start Gloss the Label & how did you come up with that name ?"

Gloss The Label:  "I started Gloss the Label in 2014 under a different name, during my stunt with singer JoJo i began to work with various showrooms & really getting more serious about it . then at like 10pm one night i sat for hours creating my site with a small product range and what you would call a "logo" back then , I did it all alone and each month sales went up and the site kept getting changes including the name , it went from "Da Gloss" to "Shop Gloss" to now "Gloss the Label" , I felt the name this time around was a better fit , the name came from some funny caption i saw from a friends IG also my obsession with Glossy fabrics & faux leather.

SoCrosswire: Any collaborations have you been most honored to see with Gloss The Label ?

Gloss The Label: So far, we've seen singer/song writer Bibi Bourelly, who wrote Rihanna's Hit single "BBHMM" , Singer JoJo , inside Galore Magazine and also featured twice in Men's style blog "The No Names" , more to come in 2016!

SoCrosswire: Seeing your pieces feature in Galore Magazine is a really big deal , what went through your mind when you found out Gloss The Label was featured ?

Gloss The Label: Seeing my Sunglasses shot & featured inside Galore Magazine was literally breath taking , I cried, tears of joy . The collab really happened overnight I met Sasha , the photographer , through IG it was a mutual liking of each others work that led to this . we sent her some pieces & bam this happened i was shocked because first of all, the model was naked & only wearing our piece & secondly it was for Galore magazine . a magazine i wanted to work with months before the store opened , it was like a dream come true . Sasha has shot for Kylie Jenner , ELLE , Teyana Taylor just to name a few , so this was like a big deal for us .

SoCrosswire: What can we expect from Gloss The Label in 2016 ? 

Gloss The Label: 2016 is going to be crazy , it'll be our second but first full year open . We have some stuff comig up with Nikki from Love and Hip Hop as well more projects with Sasha S & more with up & coming stylist . I'm open to a lot so i'm sure each month will be something new , were also expanding our stores categories; from mens shoes & bags to more styles of sunglasses & a more lifestyle brand approach while staying under $80 for the entire store. 

SoCrosswire: How does one become a brand ambassador for Gloss The Label ?

Gloss The Label: To become a Brand ambassador for Gloss the Label you would need to be a care free , stylish girl or boy who doesn't play by the rules . we get a lot of emails asking to do promo or whatever the case is & we have to decline because it is not for everyone . you have to really own up to what you say & how you brand yourself either through a blog or Instagram . own your look & show no fear.

SoCrosswire: What kind of crowd does Gloss The Label appeal to ?

Gloss The Label: I really look up to girls like Rihanna , Da Brat , Foxy Brown , Missy & as well more for my inspiration . I love girls that know what they are doing , guys as well . I am not a mens stylist so i go for the street style blogs to see where all the cool kids are emerging from . after the stores success I can now say we really attract a young crowd of creatives . i love our customer tags & seeing people in our clothes its unreal , I literally am blown away ! 

SoCrosswire: Describe Gloss The Label in one sentence ?

Gloss The Label: "Gloss the Label isn't Trend based, you can't always find our pieces in a mall, everything is picked one by one & can really take your wardrobe to a whole new Level."

SoCrosswire: any advice you can to give someone who is trying to follow in your footsteps ? 

Gloss the Label: Don't Give up , that sounds so cheesy i know but really , I have dealt with refunds , shipping issues , all for my store & not once did i give up . its not for everyone for sure , but if its for you keep going don't be afraid to create .

I just wanna give a special thank you to Perrin for the amazing opportunity . i love his brand & i will be in some of the pieces soon ! Slay ON , i'm so here for Gloss The Label . I wish you the best luck next year , see you soon . Enjoy photos below of Gloss The Label - xoxo , Crosswire .


Gloss the label 

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