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Charlie Wiley, 20, Cynosure Apparel, Instagram: CynosureApparel, It started off as an Idea and then I brought it to life.  If you would like to purchase any of my pieces you can check out my website @www.cynosureappareldist.com or my Instagram publicizes a lot of my pieces. I’m located in Atlanta, Georgia. My email is Cynosureapparel@gmail.com if you would like to place an order


I have been watching & knowing you for a while now. I feel like your company grew really quickly at one particular time. What necessary steps did you take to make that happen?

You are like your latest artwork and it is all about branding and promoting yourself.  When I started off I emailed and Dm’ed everyone to check my line out and I tried my best to get invited to every event that was going on in Atlanta.

Is designing your passion and is that what you are going to school for?

Yes designing is my passion because my soul just heats up with creativity when I’m making pieces. I’m going to school for psychology with a minor in sales at Morehouse College

 Are you a designer or do you have vendors?

I’m a designer vendors are remedial.

How has attending Morehouse College and living in Atlanta, Georgia helped your career?

Morehouse College has educated me in understanding how to maneuver through the real world. Honestly Atlanta is the perfect place to be because it is essentially the black Hollywood. Being here has helped in getting my pieces publicized to local celebrities because most of them live within the vicinity.

 Is having your own business and making that dream come true hard while trying to obtain your Bachelor’s Degree?

Honestly it is a struggle trying to take 19 credit hours and customize orders, buy material and then ship them out all by myself. I was actually thinking about dropping out for a year because it was overwhelming for me at one point but how could I expect to be successful in life if I couldn’t work hard for what I wanted.

How & when did you start breaking into the fashion industry?

I started breaking into the fashion industry in 2012 and I was working alongside Julian lark CEO of Kontrol Magazine

How long ago did you start Cynosure Apparel?

I started Cynosure Apparel in October of 2014

What celebrities &/or reality stars have been seen in Cynosure Apparel?

Trina Rockstar, to R kelly’s Ex wife, to Mykko Montanna.. etc

What kind of crowd does your brand appeal to?

It’s a Urban brand with a lot of lace and boastful colors so majority it appeals to homosexuals or heterosexual men with an eccentric eye

If I asked you to describe Cynosure Apparel in one sentence, what would you say?

It’s simply the definition of “Cynosure” it is the line that is the focal point of admiration.

Any advice for upcoming designers and business owners?

Work hard and try your best to be creative as possible

I would like to thank you Oba for this wonderful opportunity, just reaching out to me to do this interview just creates a little spark within the beats of my heart, love has truly been shared. A note to everyone else, you only live life once so make every day your last by trying your best to be the best that you can be and trying to make a difference. <3 Charlie Wiley


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