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click photo & go shop for your tasteetreasures !

click photo & go shop for your tasteetreasures !

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Based out of Nashville, Tn EST. 2012



After wearing TasteeTreasures, customers instantaneously go into a boost of confidence after sliding on a pair. they love Looking in the mirror, seeing yourself in something sexy. Here at TasteeTreasures, we sell a variety of specialty men’s underwear. We sell thongs, jockstraps, trunks, swimwear & we also have a customize your own pair feature for our customers. We make sure here at TasteeTreasures that our customers comfort is our top priority. We want our customers to come back & experience what we have to offer over & over again. tell their friends about us too. As you can see, we love to work with different models and get as many of them representing our brand as possible modeling for us. I am honored to work with all the models that I have worked with. It’s been amazing to work with so many beautiful men but its definitely great to work along side people like TaeTheDoug, Phoenix, Brad, Romance, Kameo & so many others. We have different pricing for our underwear. We have some as low as $8.99 up to $19.99. We also try to offer prices lower than our competitors but it never compromises the quality of our product. We believe in giving our customers the best quality at reasonable prices. We currently use a manufacturer to make our underwear. You shouldn’t have to pay a lot of money to feel Tastee. Being the owner of TasteeTreasures, It has not been hard keeping a social life. I am fortunate to work with some of my friends so it makes it a little bit easier. Sometimes after a hard day’s work, I do enjoy some alone time. Having that alone time does help with clearer thinking and also keeping the vision for more ideas to expand the TasteeTreasures brand. Building this company started off as a vision of mine and then I put in the work to get it off the ground. As time went on, I saw that you can’t build an empire on your own so I hired two of my good friends to help me and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As TasteeTreasures grows, I hope to hire more people that share the same vision as I do and want to help make TasteeTreasures into the number one underwear brand in the world. I became an entrepreneur at ten years old and every since then I knew I wanted to be a business owner. I started TasteeTreasures three years ago under the flagship name "American Punk" selling T-shirts. I’ve always had a fascination with men’s underwear so I started researching and got in contact with some suppliers and started selling men’s underwear. I liked the name American Punk, but TasteeTreasures sounded more sexy and sleek so I changed the name and here we are today. The advice I would give is first off write down your goals in a journal.Also, create a vision board and put things on there that you want to accomplish. Every night before you go to bed, have a vision of where you want to be in the next year or two. Always keep a clear vision of want you to do to be successful.I promise you with that vision plus hard work you will achieve your goals.

Thank You Rue , You Are Great & An Inspiration To Our Future Business Owners Out There . Thank You For These Words Of Wisdom & Encouragement .
— Queen Crosswire

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