Menace Denimz by Anthony D.

Anthony D. Sampson 

Chicago , IL

Menace.Denimz IG: @menace.denimz

Anthony D. Sampson originally started his brand , Menace Denimz during college a few years ago by simply distressing & customizing jackets & jeans for present perfect models on Northern Illinois University's Campus . along with other creative peers , Anthony D. made custom denim items for those that requested After plenty of procrastination & high volume of requests . It wasn't until last summer of 2015 when he decided to take himself to next level by branding Menace DENIMZ .  He then created a website , gained clients , & began promoting MENACE as a movement . He built his social media following by following different target audiences as well as other brands , entertainers, & ambassadors . He plans on bringing more followers to his page with products , photo shoots , & videos . November 12th of this year Anthony D. produced a successful pop-up shop along with designer , stylist & owner of a boutique (Ericka Kane Inc) & Home-made baked goods by (@YummiKupkake) in Chicago , IL . Also Anthony D. will be hosting an event and fashion show next year in 2017 , check his Instagram for updates & website. 

"I realized I had a passion for my brand When some of my friends would ask to borrow some of the items I've made . I saw how pleased they were & that made me want to see others in my clothing . I then envisioned denim as a lifestyle ! I drew inspiration from the 90s urban/pop era . I believe denim is classic , versatile & timeless . it'll be forever a necessity in fashion." - Anthony D. Sampson

My advice for those that idolize my work or have goals of starting their own brand is to STOP PROCRASTINATING! the longer you wait , the less likely it'll happen. To be an entrepreneur it's best to think like one. Just go for it , and work with what you have. Lastly, Create a positive atmosphere by networking with those that are just as driven as you are. Brainstorm & do your research . - Anthony D. Sampson/Menace Denimz

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