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Bajon B. is 24 years old , in Philadelphia , cousin to Teyana taylor , & a Regional Nurse Case Manager . that line-up in itself is actually sick , but wait there is more ! He is the Executive promoter for Tempted to Touch . Co-Owner of Pleasure (Philadelphia Pride) . A Promotional partner & promoter for NYC , ATL pride ,  DC ,  Dallas , LA , Miami , Charlotte North Carolina CIAA ,  DR (punta Cana) , Toronto Canada , & Palm Springs Blatino Oasis. He's worked with almost every MAJOR promoter in the country . Not the ones that throw the little ratchet parties in the basement or the alley or some hole in the wall. he works with the big dogs ! He's made plenty of connections with celebrities & developed a personal relationship with them for promoting & making appearances at his events . he is well on his way to becoming a celebrity himself . his brand is expanding daily . the reason he is involved in promotion is to give the LGBT community a fun & safe place to party while still providing an amazing & upscale experience . he is the holy grail of LGBT party promoters , who is Ba'jon B !

fun facts with Ba'jon B.

•His favorite colors are black and nude
•his favorite food is creole food (😏 moms cooking) 
•his favorite vacation spot is the UK & he plans on getting an apartment there. & he also loves going to Barcelona . 
• He does not have a favorite place to party but his bro "Brandon Anthony from BASH LA"  shows him the most love when he's in the city. Ba'jon said, "he legit goes crazy when it comes to customer service." However he makes the most money between NYC & ATL when promoting for other people. 
• when it comes to television he is obsessed with everything on the CW. from the originals down to reign & anything shonda rhymes is affiliated with especially how to get away with murder & this new show the family..... Ba'jon said, "I'm lowkey a sucker for good television. 🙈"

that's it for Ba'jon B. this is someone you should know & if you knew him i hope you got to know him a little better ! follow him on Instagram: @Bajonb , keep up with him & all of the events that he is attending & promoting . the events are always amazing ! hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Ba'jon B. see you next week on PYSK :) - SoCrosswire