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You Should Already Know About Floyd Wimberly ! I have known him for awhile && he always is dancing whenever i seen him ! now he finally has received the recognition he deserves for his dance videos , where he remakes celebrity choreography with his own twist ! He has gone global for his remakes to Beyonce's Formation Choreography . He has been performing at parties , weddings , and the most famous of his work prom send-offs . This video went viral once Tina Knowles reposted it on her Instagram but he has been receiving thousands of even before then . Check out the video below to Floyd Dancing in Chicago for a senior prom send off this summer . - SoCrosswire


Floyd Wimberly..

is an upcoming professional hip-hop dancer from Chicago, Illinois . He is well-known for his talent with creativity for creating side by side music videos where he dances on screen in sync with music artists such as Beyonce , Janet Jackson , chris brown ,  && Usher just to name a few .

He also choreographs his own form of dance to celebrity artists . Floyd discovered his talent at an early age while growing up in Chicago, Illinois . Floyd's mother knew from age 2 when he made his first footsteps that he would become a dancer. 

As Floyd grew older dancing just became a part of his life, through his childhood his inspiration came from a lot of artist that dance, "I'm mainly inspired by Janet Jackson with her hardcore dance skills && with a lot of sexy appeal that comes a lot with her skills , her influence was always in my dance skills when I dance." says Floyd .  Floyd loves to be creative when it comes to choreographing his own moves .

As a child growing up Floyd never took professional dance lessons or neither major in dance, his talents comes natural and just gifted. Floyd says he's learned a lot of dances from watching the BET awards, live performances, and music videos on television and on the Internet. Building up his skills performing and doing competitions training from dance teams around Chicago, such as (Main Attraction && Deadly coalition). In the future Floyd hopes that after people watching him dance or either taking his dance classes that they would be inspired to dance and have that self confidence in the feeling great about the way they move && the way they are. he Also hopes to become a professional dancer, traveling on tour with big artist such as lady gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, && more. 

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