Elijah D. WYCOFF / HYM


Inland Empire (Moreno Valley) California

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & SoundCloud: (@HYMTheRapper)

HYM THE RAPPER literally has built his brand from the ground up . He is  Dance, Music ,  & Fashion this is what has made him who he is and represents his brand & HYM as an artist & he is positive that this is what he will be known for in his career .

HYM Says..

"I’ve been Dancing & choreographing since I basically came out of the womb & I have always had a passion for music since I was raised in a music loving family . I just recently in the past 3 years started writing & recording my own music . I always was afraid to debut my music . I didn’t want people to say that I should “Stick to dancing”. it’s crazy to know that people acknowledge me as a rapper now I have to inform newer fans I’m a dancer also ! I always have expressed myself through fashion . I’m always asked why I wear mix match shoes or why my hair changes weekly . The way I dress is an expression of me , I’m colorful , I’m weird & love change. The world is so uniformed but I have my own dress code ." - HYM

Steps to HYm's success ..

"I network wherever I go ! Especially big events like Gay Pride , Whenever I strike up conversation with someone or I get a compliment on what I’m wearing I ask them for there social media ! I feel as if they like me they will appreciate what I do ! My Snapchat: @themo_okster is where a majority of my fan base is . It’s like my own personal reality show . I rant about my life , promote my music & they get a glimpse of what it’s like to be me ! I also promote myself like crazy on all my social media I like for people to see my dedication ! I aslo I feel like when you interact with your fans directly the appreciate you as an artist so much more . They share my work & I gain more listens , more views , more followers & more fans !  I’m constantly working & releasing new music videos or dance videos I always say “Be missed NEVER FORGOTTEN ! " -HYM


Final Words From HYM ..

First & foremost I have to thank God for blessing me with the talents he has given me & that I am able to use them to inspire others like myself ! I course have to thank SO CROSSWIRE for this opportunity . My mother & sister for being there from the beginning & always pushing me to be better than myself ! My friends & fans I thank you so much for the support without them I’d have nothing to work for ! For anyone that has dreams as big as mine GO FOR THEM ! Don’t be afraid to show the world who you are the world needs people like us ! I always say “ Once you stop caring what the world thinks of you , you give them no choice but to accept it ! - HYM
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