Who Is TTGotIt The Freaky Boi ?


Terrence Terrell ( AKA TTGOTIT)


½ of the Rap Duo Group The Freaky Boiz & THE  Creator & Designer of MADE attire .

Originally from Chicago , Now located in Los Angeles .

(Instagram @TT_GOT_IT , Twitter @TTGOTIT , Snap Chat @TTGOTIT Website: www.FreakyBoiz.com & www.MadeAttire.com (Under Construction),

Terrence Terrell started rapping as a Freaky Boi in 2010 where Prince Charming & TTGotit randomly uploaded a video of them rapping over Gucci Mane’s - Freaky Girl beat. they used raunchy lyrics from a LGBT person point of view and the video went viral. Since Then, TT & Prince Charming has done numerous publications & interviews (The Breakfast Club, WGCI, Revolt Tv, Logo & many more. Now living in LA with an upcoming EP titled “Category Closed” the Freaky Boiz are constantly breaking down barriers & have become International Superstars.

Made Attire is a clothing line Terrence Terrell started developing earlier this year & is still in the works. Made is an acronym for M.oney A.ctually D.rives E.veryone. TT Started this clothing line because he got tired of seeing the same clothes over & over in stores like H&M, Forever 21 & other stores that we shop & wanted to add a different style to everyday urban wear.

check out this creative shoot featuring Terrence Terrell . 


I always tell people that if you have something that you are very interested in or aspire to be & passionate about , go for it. Remember that it’s all a business so have all your affairs in order. Be as true to yourself as you can because no one else is going to believe in you more than yourself. Thanks so much for this interview. Thanks to those who support The Freaky Boiz.

All Freaky Boiz music can be purchased on any music streaming services. 

Made Attire is still under construction but products should be available by the end of the summer. 

Freaky Boiz newest single “Make It Hot” available now for download.



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